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Chem 225

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(Mark lookup for 04-2016 is no longer available.  Contact Dr. Banks.)

Generate your own titration curves! Click here.
(Now includes both titration of acid with base and titration of base with acid.)

Homeworks for Fall 2016

N.B.  Students who are unable to attend class to hand in the homework in time should email it to me.

First Homework for submission
Key: Hmwk 1 04-2016 key.pdf (Updated to reflect actual marking scheme, and missing answer.)


Second Homework for submission

Key: Hmwk 2 04-2016 key.pdf

Third Homework for submission

Key: Hmwk 3 04-2016 key.pdf

Fourth Homework for submission

Key: Hmwk 4 04-2016.pdf


Homework 4a for submission

Key: Hmwk 4a 04-2016.pdf


Homework 4b for submission

Key: Hmwk 4b 04-2016.pdf

Seventh Homework for submission

Key: Hmwk 7 04-2016.pdf



Practice Problems

Principles of Logarithms and the p operator
Problems on kinetics
General equilibiria

Problems on acids and bases

Problems on solubility etc.

Problems on Redox and cells etc.

Past Exam Papers

(Be selective about the problems you try as we move through the course.)


Today (30th Nov 2016)

Hand out today (30th Nov 2016) with some corrections

Some more equilbrium problems


Answer-keys-225/Test 1 04-2016 key.pdf

Answer-keys-225/Test 2 04-2016 key.pdf

Simulations, Links and Other Resources

Free resources:

Open Office - for those who don't want to pay for Excell, Word etc.

Doc Brown

pH of a Dilute Acid

Chemical Kinetics




Virtual Chemistry Resources Home Page
Free etextbook
A UK web site for "A"-level students (roughly the same as College years I and II)

Equilbria 1 - Doc Brown

Equilibria 2 - Doc Brown

Equilibria 3 Kc & Kp - Dox Brown


A common student error in equilibrium studies

Students often fall into the error of thinking that after compression of a gaseous system, or the addition of a reactant (at constant volume), the final concentration(s) of reactants and/or products might be less than they were originally.  This can never be the case.  I have written out a formal proof of this.  I have even seen this error propagated in a text book.


No practical Monday 14 Nov 16!  We'll continue with the lectures.  We should be finished soon!

How to write up a practical

Lab Rules - read and inwardly digest!

Practical number 7.pdf - We shall probably do this practical (not number 6) on Monday 24th October.

Practical number 8.pdf

Each group should write one report. It should cover the titration of HCl(aq) with NaOH(aq) fully, including a graph showing calculated values and measured values, and the titration of CH3COOH(aq) with NaOH(aq) with a graph showing only calculated values if you were not able to do this titration.  You are encouraged to produce the graphs and do the calculations with a spread sheet program, but you don't have to.

Practical number 9.pdf

How to write up a practical


Help on practical #1
(Some background with help for Excel)

Practical #2

This Excel spreadsheet shows a graph of ln(rate) against 1/T with negative slope.  You can download it and put in your values to better understand Excel (or similar spreadsheets).  (Your slope in experiment 2 should be positive since the graph is ln(td) against 1/T).

Specimen results for practical #3  (Don't use these except for reference without express permission, or you will be accused of cheating!)

Graph blanks for practical #5


Practicals are also available for download from http://ghgchem.info/drupal7/node/9



 Brown LeMay & Bursten, Chemistry: the Central Science, 13th ed.

Course Outline

Chem 225



Solubility and Solubility Product