Chem 135
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Course Outline


Brown LeMay & Bursten, Chemistry: the Central Science, 10th ed.  (If you are in Dr. Banks's class you may use the 9th edition if you wish.)

Study Resources

Virtual Chemistry Resources Home Page

Interesting and informative animations:
Kinetic molecular theory -
Gas Laws

A UK web site for "A"-level students (roughly the same as College years I and II)

Derivation of kinetic theory equation.

Formulae & equations - revision
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Atomic Structure

Guidance on Problem Solving
- from "Chemistry, the central science", Brown, LeMay & Bursten

Problem Sheets

Atomic structure and bonding

Gaslaws etc.



Revision of Formulae and Equations

Practical Info
Practical 1
Practical 1: Flowchart
Practical 2: Flowchart


Practical #1 Key

Practical #2 Key

Practical #3 Key

Class Test 01-2012

Class test 1 key

Use legal-sized paper for:
Practical 1 Report Table
Practical 2 Report Table
Practical 3 Report Table

Course Outline

Homeworks 01-2012

First homework for submission

Second homework for submission

Third homework for submission

Fourth homework for submission

Fifth homework for submission

Sixth homework for submission

Class Test 01-2012

Class test 1 key


Past Exam Papers

These examinations last 3 hours. A periodic table is normally included. Note that course outlines change. View exam papers in the light of the current course outline and the material you have covered in class.

Chem 135 Final Exam 01-1999
Chem 135 Final Exam 04-1999
Chem 135 Final Exam 04-2002
Chem 135 Final Exam 02-2003
Chem 135 Final Exam 04-2003
Chem 135 Final Exam 01-2004
Chem 135 Final Exam 04-2004
Chem 135 Final Exam 01-2005
Chem 135 Final Exam 01-2006


Chem 135 Final Exam 01-2011 - Key
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