General Links

Speq Maths SpeQ is a small, extensive mathematics program with a simple, intuitive interface. You can freely add, edit and execute calculations and  plot graphs of your functions.


Wikiversity - for free learning and teaching materials
free video lectures.com
Free lectures on many scientific areas including chemistry.
Avogadro Web Site - Chemistry Pages
Chem Guide - very useful for inorganic Chemistry Font Download - use chemical symbols easily in Word etc.

COB Website

The College Catalogue
bahamascollegezone.com for second hand books Chemguide
Everything you always wanted to know about chemistry - up to our second year level

GCSE chemistry website
Best for College Prep and Chem 115 students

About Chemistry
Best for College Prep and Chem 115


GCSE Chemistry from the BBC

Best for College Prep and Chem 115


A Chemistry Website

Search millions of out-of-print books offered by thousands of booksellers all over the world.

National Academies Press

Free Maths Software

All sorts of interesting chemistry on this website e.g. the chemistry of brussel sprouts! LOL



The following are more advanced and general but might lead you to exciting discoveries

New Scientist - a weekly general science magazine

"YouTube for Scientists" - Scientists explain their ideas

The Journal of Visualized Experiments
Videos showing how scientists did their experiments

Beyond belief: Science, religion, reason and survival
If the clips on this page stimulate your interest, click on "watch"

The science of living longer - a video

An animation showing how immune cells move from blood to tissue.

A boy who knows π to 25000 decimal places.

Fermat's Last Theorem
This is a seemingly simple problem in maths only recently solved.  Are there any positive integers other than n = 1 or 2 which satisfy:

What's New by Bob Park - exposes bad science


Evolution v. Creationism
Is evolution a blind watchmaker?

Feynman on some of the mysteries of quantum mechanics.
No prior knowledge of physics required.

Physics and Human Behaviour
Can physics be used to predict human behaviour?

Photos from Space
Astronaut Jerry Hoffman describes his experiences in space.

Weird things with Sound and Starch

The Illegal Trade in Wildlife

This Parrott Can Count!

Some chemistry: water & magnesium!

When rockets go wrong they go wrong big time!

Carl Sagan on the Cosmos

British comedy actor interviews a panel of scientists.

Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen

How do electrons get across nodes?