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The lecture on Monday 9th February will concentrate on real gases, various ways of representing deviations from ideal behaviour and explanations of non-ideal behaviour.

The lecture on Wednesday 11th February will deal primarily with the Van der Waals equation with some mention of other equations of state for non-ideal gases.  We shall probably commence the next section: chemical energetics and thermodynamics - Chapter 6 in the textbook.  The concepts of open, closed and isolated system, as well as internal energy, work, heat, the zeroeth and first laws of thermodynamics were introduced.

Monday 16th February dealt with the concept of heat capacity and the measurement of heat via calorimetry.

Wednesday 18th February will deal with work of expansion and the concept of reversibility.

Monday 23rd February will deal with the relationship between internal energy and enthalpy, standard states, enthalpies of reaction, Hess's Law, and state functions.  Standard enthalpy changes such as enthalpies of formation and combustion will be defined.