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Exam Regulations


Instructions to Candidates taking Written Examinations:

Students are required to take responsibility for knowing the dates, times and locations of all examinations for courses for which they are registered.

Students who are timetabled for more than two examinations in one day should consult the relevant academic dean/executive director.

Students with a clash in their examination schedule should inform the relevant academic dean/executive director as soon as the clash is discovered.

Students should arrive at the examination room and present their COB ID card or other valid substitute (for example, a passport) at the door at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled time of the examination.

Students who arrive late will not be allowed additional time to complete the examination.

Students who arrive more than half an hour late will be allowed to take the examination. However, their scripts / practical work will only be marked if they can satisfy the relevant dean/executive director as to the validity of their reason for being late.

Students are responsible for providing pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, geometrical instruments and any other aid authorised by the examiner. No other documents will be allowed in the examination room.

Students must deposit handbags, briefcases and other such materials at the Invigilator’s desk (or other designated area) before the start of the examination.

Students must write their name and student number at the top of every answer paper or sheet of paper which is submitted.

Students must stop writing at the end of the examination when instructed to do so by the Chief Invigilator.

Students must gather their answer papers and place them in order at the end of the examination. They will not leave their desks until all scripts have been collected and the Chief Invigilator has given permission to leave.

Leave from the Examination Room

No students will be allowed to leave the examination room during the first half hour or the last half hour of the examination. 

The Chief Invigilator may permit students to leave the examination room after the first half hour and return, during the course of the examination, provided they have been under continuous supervision of a designated member of staff/faculty.

Collaboration between Students

Students must not directly or indirectly use or give assistance to or accept assistance from any other student. No form of cheating is permitted.