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College Policies

The following are pdf documents.  No responsibility can be accepted for errors or omissions.

Proposed Policy on Faculty Evaluation

Admissions Policy final June 06

Class Attendance Policy Revised March 09 (current policy)

Class Attendance Policy final June 06 (former policy)

Grading Policy final June 06.pdf

Policy on Academic Status approved 15 May 06.pdf

Policy on Candidacy approved 15 May 06.pdf

Transfer Credit Policy final June 06.pdf

Cross_moderation_policy_(7 July_97)

Policy on Associate Degree Programs - May 04

College policy on Bachelor's Programmes

Policy on registration for courses
Policy on grading - 2006

Grading scheme at COB

Policy on Registration for Courses 8 Oct 2008
Policy on Emergency Response 13 May 2009
Policy on Academic Probation, Suspension, Withdrawal, Expulsion 12 Mar 2007
Policy on Increasing Class Enrolment Beyond the Maximum- 12 Nov 2008
Policy on Honours Courses
Policy on Graduate Programmes 6 Feb 2006
Policy on General Education Requirements
Policy on External Access to the Library 12 Mar 2008
Policy on Tuition and Fee Levels for Citizens and Others 20 Feb 2008
Academic Policies (Undated)
Including Awards, Penalties, Associate & Bachelor's Programmes, Examination Regulations etc.